Sunday, June 25, 2006

My lucky talisman.

Gordan Bennett! What kind of madness was the Portugal v Netherlands match? 16 bookings and four sendings off!

I have had a great day with Reidski. I probably had a better day than he did if his expression when Beckham scored today is anything to go by. We decided for the sake of our relationship it was probably a good idea to watch the match today down the pub as we were less likely to kill each other in public. They are a tolerant lot in South London and no one seemed to object to him yelling 'Come on Equador'. I think they are used to him down the Marquis of Granby.

When I watch England with him we win. He is so pleased that he is bringing me luck.


cookie monster said...

do you think id get away with wearing s gillingham shirt to this Marquis of Gramby when millwall lose to gillingham in the new season?

and is it just me or is ITVs coverage of the world cup awful or is it me?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

One Mr Ivanov! There's only one Mr Ivanov!.... And a big WELL DONE to David Beckham! That free kick was beautiful - testament to his many hours of practice and it came just when we needed it most... If McReidski likes Ecuador so much why doesn't he get the banana boat back there?

Martin said...

Keep up the good work Reidski!
Cookie, ITV have always been shit at covering football.
Did anyone else think Mr. Ivanov was too lenient?

Reidski said...

I am sooo not watching any more England games with you!! No fucking way. Lucky English bastards, as I think I may have remarked on one or two occasions.

That apart, it was a great day!!

And the game last night - I'm with the ref all the way. Two teams who simply wanted to crash into each other at ever occasion and a team (Netherlands) who wanted to dive at every occasion! What was the ref to do??

Those ITV commentators really get on my tits, btw. They are absolutely, utter shite! They complained throughout the game about the tackles and then blamed the ref for taking action! Stupid twats!

Rant over!

And why shouldn't I shout for Ecuador, it makes as much sense as me shouting for France, Brazil, South Korea or, even, England!!

Moo said...

Cracking goal by the gorgeous Mr Beckham - doing what he does best (apart from shagging around)! I think the England and Portugal game will be one to watch espec if Portugal try anything on like they did yesterday!

Nice to know you are both still alive and you didnt manage to kill each other yesterday, well I spose there's always Saturdays match!!

Shooting Parrots said...

Please, please tell me you're going to be watching the Portugal game together!

J.J said...

Just to agree with you all really. ITV commentary is terrible...always was but they seem to be surpassing themselves this time.

The ref was right on Sunday night.

And it was a cracking free kick. I was one of I suspect many who was muttering about 'here we go, another chance about to go begging' as Beckham came up for the kick and was delighted to eat my words.

SP, I'm afraid we won't be togther for the Portugal match...but we will be for the semi's!

Gert said...

The best thing to say about ITV commentators is that they are not as bad as those awful awful awful awful Budweiser pseudo-pundits.

Aren't we all supposed to call it ITV1? Are we all showing our age?