Monday, June 26, 2006

What do all my links have in common?

Well - great wit and intelligence from each contributor obviously, so what else?

Do you all share a great love of football? No you do not.

Do you all share the same taste in music? No you do not.

Do you all fancy David Tennant? No you do not, though the vast majority clearly do.

The answer is........drum role.......

You were all banned from Virgin Gym's internet today.

I was early for my gym class today so had two options. 1) Go and do some weights whilst waiting (weights whilst waiting!! How do I keep up this standard of writing??? Sorry!) or 2) Get on the internet and see what my lovely links are saying today. No contest. The links had it. BUT, I was reckoning without the censor who without fail blocked everyone I tried along with a message about swear words or 'inappropriate content'. This seemed somewhat unfair as I myself had slipped the 'F' word into a previous post but had clearly got away with it. However, when I tried to look at my comments they were blocked too. Having read them now at home I know who to blame for that!

I couldn't understand why Greavsie was unobtainable...apart from the obvious answer that he is an Adonis amongst men... as he never swears, but as I have just seen his opening line here it all becomes somewhat clearer. :-)

You naughty naughty people you.


greavsie said...

And what is wrong with the word stiff?

J.J said...

Personally speaking I am very fond of the word 'stiff'!

Alan said...

You might like to know that you, yourself, madam, are banned from Edinburgh Airport. Along with many other seemingly innocuous people including Diamond Geezer who I don't recall ever saying anything remotely offensive. But Peter "Naked Blog", for some reason, is not.

Arthur Clewley said...

this is why I left Scunthorpe.

personally, a company that names it's self virgin has got a fucking nerve talking a moral stand on the use of sexual innudendo and colloquialisms

Moo said...

I dont know what you're talking about!!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Oh this is just TOO TOO funny!

Still, nice to know you are engaging with ADULT content (tell me, does anyone else actually cheer when lines like "contains strong language" comes up?)

JoeinVegas said...

Wait a minute - I just had pictures of flowers! (or does this mean you don't visit any more?)

J.J said...

Alan! Me banned from Edinburgh Airport? God god! It must be my over use of the word 'Cobblers'.

Arthur, There's only one Thorpe in Scunthorpe. And yes...a definite case of don't do as we do.

Moo, of course you don't:-) I was absolutely astonished that you were censured...and Cookie would you believe!!??!

Lisa, a strong language warning is always welcome.

Joe, are you sure the flowers weren't being just a little bit sexually provocative? Virgin can not be too careful you know.

J.J said...

P.S. Joe....I have just seen the Playgirl pics!!!!!