Friday, June 02, 2006

Most improbable advertising slogan yet?

Seen on side of vans bringing food ordered over the internet -

'Waitrose groceries delivered with devotion.'

Yes, i'm sure they are.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Are their trucks driven by nuns or something?

WBS said...

When I tried them it was "Groceries delivered with de wrong things" and strangely all of the substitue items were substantially more expensive than the ones ordered.

Once the old dear across the road saw the Waitrose/Ocado van turn up, she stopped using the Tesco one and switched to them.

Sanity now reigns though, and we have gone back to normal shopping as we were throwing loads of stuff away each week - it's too easy just to re-use the existing list on the website rather than check what you really need.

greavsie said...

This comment was left with devotion ;-)

*Thinks of other places where he can use the word*

Moo said...

JJ, I have just checked the band that I go to see play and they played at Declans funeral!! Small world eh! Check out the website and go to message board there is a big tribute to Declan on there!

J.J said...

It comforts me, who is not accustomed to being served with devotion, that Widescreenboy can tell us being served with devotion may not be all it is cracked up to be. Maybe it is more a case of being delivered on a wing and a prayer?