Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Simple pleasures.

Cliff was talking about simple pleasures and I thought about those last night when I was with Reidski* so here are some more simple pleasures.

A warm and sunny evening in June when it is still light at 10.00.

A walk in beautiful Northamptonshire countryside.

Ancient woodlands.

Wild flowers growing in profusion.

Seeing no one else all evening except the person you are walking with.

That other person being really special...and kind enough to laugh at your jokes.

A picnic and bottle of chilled white wine by a pond watching the sunset.

Being kissed underneath a huge yew tree.

Finishing the evening in a welcoming and traditional village pub.

Feeling loved.

Apologies if the above is all a bit wet but last night was rather perfect even if I did take us the wrong way on the walk, and made him miss the train he had meant to catch.

* and please note I am not infering Reidski is simple!


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Simple pleasures, but really REALLY nice ones.

crisiswhatcrisis said...

You could have parked your Ferrari round the back of the pub. It's considered a bit showy offy parking right outside the front door, you know.

I've got a photos of outside on my blog today too. There must be something in the water. Yay for English summer!

Cliff said...

not the old 'get lost on the walk so they miss the last train routine' jj :-) We all know you got your map-reading badge in the girl guides

that sounds like a very nice evening

greavsie said...

Were you singing Lou Reed together?


...Ohhhhh eeetss jusssssttah perfeck dayyyyy.....

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Aw! Lovely! You two really are so lucky to have found each other - like being reborn. I guess there were dark times for both of you when you wondered if you'd ever meet a special someone ever again. Thank God for the Internet!

Reidski said...

YP, that is a lovely comment. And JJ, that is a lovely post.

And that Ferrari is mine, crisis, I didn't even notice that JJ had her camera with her!

cookie monster said...

awwwww, young love eh? ;)

J.J said...

Lisa, they were.

Crisis, Oh...I didn't know that was a Ferrari. Car's are not my strongest subject.

Cliff, I was a bit put out about the map reading ( a hillwalking lass has her pride don't you know) - mind, it wasn't exactly O.S. was more like a pretty sketch that I printed off the internet.

Greavsie...strictly no singing...I have to confess my singing would have spoilt things somewhat.

Y.P. *Blushing* but yes, we have been very very lucky. The chances of us ever meeting must have been miniscule.

Reidski, you are so modest about your great wealth and collection of car's. are a cheeky young git :-)

Alistair said...

Saying nothing, as I am trapped in Miserable Bastard mode.


On reflection, though, glad you haven't left for good.
I may well do soon.

J.J said...

I'm glad to see you here Alistair, but sorry you are having a rough time. I hope you don't pack in th ewriting though.