Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My son is studying so hard!

And what a good time to be studying, seeing as how he is right in the middle of his Very Important Exams.

If I thought for one minute he was as knowledgeable about the Periodic Table as he is about the Ukrainian National Squad (Just a random example...he is equally as good on any of the other 31 sides currently competing in Germany) I would be far more relaxed about his GSCE's than the fraught 'He is not doing enough revision' mother I actually am.


greavsie said...

Shevchenko is a heavy metal in the periodic table isn't it?

the Beep said...

it's part of the maternal contract apparently. Do you remember signing it in your third trimester?
It says: no son ever does enough revisions. In our house, the one my OH signed has a codicil which, although in tiny writing, I can just make out, and it reads: especially if they have an older sister

Moo said...

My brother is the same, generally should be revising but can be found on MSN instead!!

JoeinVegas said...

OK, what's the 71st element? How's the kid going to know if mom doesn't?

J.J said...

Greavsie, it could well be for all I know.

Beep, I knew I should have read that small print more carefully.

Moo, the PS2 gets a lot of attention too.

Joe, ekk, no idea....I would ask my son but feel that might not provide the answer either.

Son of JJ said...

Dear Mum,
Hey chill out old lady! Doncha know you have spawned a genius! I don't need no periodic table cos in the end I'm gonna do a football studies degree at The University of Corby!
Love from
Your loving son,

Moo said...

JJ, thought your son didnt know about your blogger??!

Shooting Parrots said...

I feel for you. Miss P also has Very Important Exams that will decide whether she gets to Uni or not. Very tense time in the Parrot household, but I have to say that she has put the hours in.

J.J said...

Dear son, get back to your books....and less of the old if you know what is good for you.

Moo...my sons will find out my sins. This is not good.

S.P. I keep being assured it is different for girls so maybe the summer of 2010 won't be quite so stressful. I really hope Miss P gets to the uni of her choice.