Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I love this story

England fans stranded in one way street

Two English football fans in Cologne lost their car after mistakenly
thinking they had parked it on a road called 'One Way Street'.

The pair wrote down 'Einbahn Strasse' - which means one-way street in
German - so they didn't forget where they'd left the hire car.

But when they came to find it again they found that every second street
in the inner city was called 'Einbahn Strasse'.

It was only when they found a policeman that they were told the sign
was to inform drivers that they were on a one-way street.

They finally managed to find their vehicle hours later with the help of
the German police.


nameless to protect the innocent said...


I've missed you

Alistair said...

Because why learn German when zey all spik it so impeccably?

Did a gig at a festival in Berlin sometime last year and though we pulled a crowd of precisely, oh, nobody, we still had an excellent time because our German brethren (and, er, sistren) were such excellent hosts.

Unt efrysink voss zo clean unt tidy.

I can always say it louder if that helps, officer.....

J.J said...

Hiya Nameless...glad you made it to my new abode!

Alistair, I am very keen on the word 'sistren' and intend to use it whereever possible.

cookie monster said...

bloody women drivers and their crap parking eh?

BondBloke said...

I thought that very funny - but seriously if that is the worst that England fans get into (and hopefully it will be) then I think that their reputation will rise phenomenally...

P.S. Good result last night, but why do England always seem to want to do things the hard way?

Alistair said...

England are rubbish, and I am bored of them.

Come on Ghana!!

PS Realised I meant how impeccably the Germans speak English earlier, but got carried away with how funny I was being, so forgot to make any sense. Sorry.

Arthur Clewley said...

ok englanders, vot kind of car do you have und ve vill find it in no time!

its a volkswagen

oh sheisse

Universal Soldier said...

Let's just hope they don't try to find the French town of 'Toutes Directions' on their way home.

Woffle said...

Why is it that all stories like this make all England fans sound loveable but slightly dumb? Kind of like Peter Crouch?