Sunday, June 04, 2006

A spring in MY step.

Back in January I read this - (try as I might I can not get the link to work...I thought I had finally got linking sussed but obviously not) -about a walk a man from South London had made, which for very personal reasons made me incredibly happy.

Today, a beautiful sunny morning in London, I made that same walk in reverse with the man who wrote that piece the day after we had met each other for only the second time.

The views along the Thames are incredible. Where we walked, not five years ago was one derelict warehouse after another, but is now full of wonderful modern buildings like this one (The London City Hall) and VERY expensive looking apartments ( I want one!!!!). I saw some of my very favourite places in the city like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the sensational Gherkin. And all of it was great enough to make you feel really good and proud of London. However, like he said in January, it wasn't the views that put a spring in my step but it was the person I was with who I love very very much, and who I only met because of blogging.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Awh, shucks you two...

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Perhaps you could say a little more about the "sensational gherkin". How big it is and what colour - green I presume?

J.J said...

Y.P - I did have a lovely picture for you of the sensational gherkin, butthat was another link that wouldn't work.

And yes Lisa, hopelessly soppy aren't I? *blushing.*

Spunky Trunks said...


I'm envious.

Everyone should be that happy.


Nat said...

A few years ago, I walked along the Thames to meet Spunky.

Was a fantastic walk with a very lovely pint and gorgeous man at the finishing line!

...god I'm homesick at the moment!

the lorider said...

JJ & Reidski sitting in a tree,

J.J said...

ST, yes they should is great.

Oh Nat, come over and see us all soon....I miss you and I've never even met you so god knows what it must be like for your friends and family. But I see Shazza has a blog and will be joining you soon which will be great.