Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Negative Pundit

Yea Gods!!!

It took an own goal to beat a side who looked frankly useless in the first half,and in the second half we made them resemble world champions (which technically they could be by July 9th)

And what was the 'technical' substitution which left Crouch up front on his own with no one to knock the ball on to?

We haven't got a prayer.


Nat said...

I watched a bit of it, got bored and went to bed with a good book and my leccy blanket!

I've had much stick about David Beckham today, from a malaysian woman at work.

What did he do this time?

marc said...

Even tho it was a 'cheap win' with an own goal, still was a beautiful shot from Becks. Saw the match & watched the replay of the shot from different angles. Nat, you're right -- was kind of a snoozer.

Gettin ready to watch Mexico/Iran -- should be a good one. Iran for the politics & Mexico because it's one of my adopted places & they've got a real scrappy side.

J.J said...

Nat, even I have to admit it was pretty dull, but Marc is right about Beckham's free kick. Shame abouthis corners though!

And yes, the Mexico match was a cracker.