Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good times

I came down to London again on Friday. Reisdki and I had a night in on Friday - him mainly watching rugby and me mainly messing around with You Tube and having far too much to drink. Talking of You Tube, to save my loved one future embarrassment - Pete Wylie is to be seen after 2 minutes and 50 seconds of this video of The Farm singing Altogether Now (and if you don't know why he really needs to know that I refer you to this post, aptly entitled 'What a twat.')

Saturday morning was spent sleeping off the too much to drink of the night before and then I did a bit of gardening. Reidski has a garden that was obviously once upon a time very much loved and cared for, but for many recent years has been totally neglected.I think that is rather sad and have been hacking away at it in the past few months. I am very proud that one can now see to the end of the garden - believe me - that is a good start. We were surprised after a month or two to find a pond in his garden- even more surprised that fish survived in the hidden pond. And no - the garden isn't any bigger than a standard early 20th century London terraced house garden.

We went to Marylebone High Street in the evening. What a lovely area that is. It feels like a village, but it is only just off Oxford Street. We visited a couple of bars - Reidski made friends with some Italians in one pub where we watched the Scotland v Italy rugby match. The friendship lasted at least until this final score. Then we had a really nice meal at Strada, which is part of (as I now know but didn't at the time) a chain of Italian restaurants...and is highly recommended by me if not by this fat bloke. The shops round there looked very tempting too - I will return.

We managed to get back to his place on public transport without him single handedly taking on three drunken racists (verbally - not fisticuffs) which was both a relief and more than we managed a couple of weeks ago. ( I thought we would get knifed and was completely useless in the situation we found ourselves.) (I was still proud of him though - racist bastards that they were.)

Back home now until Tuesday when my team (you all know who they are - the Mighty Cobblers) take on his team (Millwall) at his place. That could make disagreements over when British Summer Time ends appear somewhat trivial in comparison!

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