Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bit of civic pride

Friday brought with it two good reasons for me to proud of my home town.

It was Heritage Weekend around Britain and with the opportunity to see the only house in England with an interior designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for free I went to this place which has recently been restored to its former glory and it was absolutely stunning. Apparently when the trust who were behind the project went cap in hand to request Lottery Funding they were sent away to scale down their plans on the grounds that no one was interested in anything Northampton had to offer. Well they kept fighting and did eventually get the money they needed, and OK - Northampton may not have a huge amount to offer, but should you ever find yourself stuck in this town - go to 78 Derngate. It is something special. And it reminded me of when I wrote about other places in my town which really aren't too bad at all.

Then in the evening, whilst Reidski travelled to Brighton to watch (from a distance...see my previous comments on how far from the pitch away fans are at Brighton) Millwall lose 3-0, I went to see my team put in a committed and passionate display of football resulting - quite rightly - in our first league win of the season.


rilly super said...

crikey, I knew he lived in England for quite a bit but didn't know he'd actually had much stuff south of border to see. Certainly something to be proud of JJ dear. We were in CRM's home town just the other weekend but all we experienced was the queue at the willow tea rooms, which I think is only a reconstruction anyway, sigh

badgerdaddy said...

Yes, I think the tea rooms are actually nextdoor to where they were oringally. But you could have cruised past the Art college, it's on the street behind Sauchiehall Street, if I remember right. Awesome building.
CRM is very cool indeed.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

So what are ye saying? Does Charles Rennie Mackintosh play for Millwall or Nothampton?

timesnewroman said...

Next time you are up north you MUST see the House for an Art Lover, it is incredible.

J.J said...

Well Rilly,you may not have known he did much stuff in England, but my old school actually owned the CRM house - and I still never knew about it until about four years ago.

Badger daddy - I googled it - Wow!

YP - he doesn't look like a natural sporting type in the photos I have seen....

See what I mean?

TNR - yes I must - and I hope it won't be too long before we are up your way again.