Wednesday, September 26, 2007

If one

is going to fall over ones step at the gym in mid class I think one should always endeavour to do so right in front of the glass doors where a crowd of people is waiting to come into the following class. How else after all can one best add to the gaiety of the local Virgin Active membership?

I have a scrapped* and swollen knee. But my pride is injured much more deeply.

* Yes - thank you everyone for pointing out my error! I have now officially suffered enough over that one....surely???


The Fatalist said...

He,he,he! I haven't a scooby what you look like, but I've got a grin on my face trying to picture it! ;-)

cookie monster said...

ah but what about the split sides of the people watching?

Z said...

There is a good reason for me indulging in no exercise or sport whatsoever. Every energetic person I know has sport-related injuries sooner or later. I remain unfit but unscathed.

Gill said...

oh the shame!

Karen said...

This is my excuse for not joining the gym - looking like a prat.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Your knee has been scrapped? Poor you! Scraping is bad enough but scrapping - oh my Lord! (tee hee - I'm being pedantic again!)

Pixie said...

The gym is a form of inhuman torture that shouldn't be allowed in a so called civilised society.... what's wrong with staying home eating chocs?

crisiswhatcrisis said...

Scrapping your knee seems a bit extreme. I mean, it's only let you down the once. You are obviously an extremely ruthless woman - body part, you have let me down! Once is enough! I demand more from my joints than this! To the body-part scrapyard for a replacement, instantly, if not sooner!

And down to the morgue you go, carrying the offending knee, looking for a swapsie with a newly deceased younger woman.

Or something.

If I was as ruthless as that, I'd have scrapped my mouth years ago. And my bumhole.

rilly super said...

in northern step classes everybody kneels on the floor of the gym and scrubs their step rather than leaps about on it. I see now there's a good health and safety reason for some of these old traditions.

J.J said...

Fatalist - I can tell you what I didn't look - I didn't look dignified.

Cookie - a plague on them and their split sides.

Hi Z and welcome. You are a wise woman!

Gill - and oh the embarrassment.

Karen - better safe than prat looking believe me.

YP _ Oh shit! Do you think anyone else has noticed?

Oh yes - Crisis has. Where have you been hiding these past months Crisis? Anyhow - nice to see you back.

Pixie - gyms are indeed very strange alien places - and DANGEROUS also.

Rilly, think of those toned upper arms all those northern scrubbers must have.

Kevin Williamson said...

Made me smile JJ. Sorry.

I suffer from the gym versus smoking dichotomy. Gym? Joint? Gym? Joint? Then look in the mirror and say "of all the gym joints in the all the world you have to fall over stoned in mine"

(I'll get ma coat...)

J.J said...

Kev, joints got me into trouble at work this week. I was counselling a 'troubled youth' who assured me he was now off everything expect weed. Having then praised him profusely and basically told him to stick with the weed, I then read in his file how he was at very high risk fo developing schizophrenia. At this point I had to completely back track and tell him he really really should lay of the weed too. Very professional huh?