Friday, September 21, 2007

Just had a bit of a surprise

I looked at reviews of the musical I am going to see tomorrow night. Knowing that my friend's 12 year old daughter has seen Wicked four times already, I had a certain preconception of what it was going to be like, but whaddya know? The reviews are really good.

It is going to be a girly weekend for me and my daughter. Shame it doesn't start a bit earlier - like half an hour ago, for this evening, far from a girly night, I find my house invaded by numerous teenage boys bearing beer.

Bad timing too this weekend because Jim of TNR blog is down from Ayrshire with his wife at Reidski's for the weekend and I shall miss them.

Was at Reidski's last night and we went for a superb meal at a Turkish restaurant near London Bridge. I was at a conference today. Luckily he was starting work late and took me to the venue. I say luckily because it was in such an out of the way spot that without his help I feel I would be searching for it still. Not, now I come to think about it, that that would have been so terrible, because I would then have been saved from listening to an egotist drone on all day about how wonderful she is - but then if she has been reading reviews like these I guess it could go to one's head. Me? I thought she was rubbish and the book to be unreadable, but each to their own. Lunch was good though.

Back to the girly weekend which will comprise 5 adults, 5 teenagers,all of whom will be going on the trip mentioned previously to South Africa in a month's time. OHMIGOD!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING TO SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!!!!(Sorry, just got a bit excited there.) We are going to a very glamorous clothes shop. I think I shall look really cool out on safari in my army surplus gear and I shall continue to think that until some one shows me the photos afterwards. Then we are going Up West, and shall catch the show afore mentioned. It will be fun...but am still sorry I shan't see Jim.

Back though to the Here and Now.

I do hope no one throws up in my house tonight.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Who is this Jim character? Does Reidski know you are two-timing? I went to South Africa in 2003 - Durban and surroundings. Great food. Great surprises. Fantastic wood carving and I nearly tripped over a huge land snail on the coastal path at Umlanga Rocks.

JoeinVegas said...

South Africa - out to the bush on safari?

J.J said...

YP - I will be inland from Durban - ZwaZulu Natal province. Even writing that seems unreal. I honeslty can't believe this is really happening to me.

Joe, yes, we are going on safari. I am guaranteed to return to this subject before I go in technicolour have been warned!

timesnewroman said...

Sorry we missed you, had a great time though and will definitely be back sooner rather than later. Haven't laughed so much in ages.

South Africa you globe trotter you. That i would kill for

J.J said...

Look forward to your next visit TNR.