Sunday, September 30, 2007

We had a disagreement!

Me and Reidski had our first ever fall out. This may seem hard to believe as Reidski has been accused of being a little 'confrontational' on occasions by certain other bloggers, but in 20 months of being together we had never had a fall out.

The fact that I didn't know we had had a fall out is immaterial to this post as he had to text me and tell me he owed me a huge apology. I rang at once - what the hell had he done? The apology was that I was right and he was wrong about when British Summer Time ends. Well - I KNEW that anyway! He said it was always late September. I said it was always late October. I totally missed the fact that my conviction that I was right had really pissed him off because he was so convinced HE was right. From memory our conversation as to when British Summer Time ends lasted all of two minutes, but anyway, I now know that apparently we had our first ever fall out.

Making up was nice though!

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Lisa Rullsenberg said...

making up is the WHOLE point... gah, if this is as serious a row as you two ever have then I think you're on very safe ground!