Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And something that made me feel better

I was still so cross about the incident at Orient yesterday morning that I wrote to their stadium manager about it.

I got the following e-mail in response this morning...

Dear Jane,

Firstly many thanks for your letter regarding the incident on Saturday when you were confronted by stewards. I apologise sincerely for any distress this may have caused you and will indeed be having words with those concerned. Whilst there is a need for vigilance with regard to weapons being brought into the ground this is absolutely ludicrous and a case of over zealous stewarding and a severe lack of any common sense. The stewards are always instructed to perform random searches and to use common sense but obviously these two failed to listen clearly to any briefing they are also advised to be courteous and polite and to make away fans feel welcome so again words will be had.

I do hope this will not deter you from attending games here in the future and I hope you went on to enjoy the very entertaining game which was a fantastic advert for League One I am sure you will agree.

Please accept my apologies once again and good luck for the rest of the season.


Orient are here by forgiven.


Dandelion said...

Very nice, but how can they possibly wish you luck for the rest of the season? You support a team that is not them. I didn't think football worked like that.

greavsie said...

How about they throw the return fixture as a gesture of goodwill?

3 points is 3 points after all.

I think AFC Wimbledon may need this sort of thing this season...groan....can a season be over 5 games in?

marc said...

>>can a season be over 5 games in?<<

Sure, just ask Martin Jol & Spurs! (& I support them...)

Pixie said...

Have they done this to keep you coming to the games, or am I just cynical.
But if i stop being cynical for long enough how nice is that in this day and age.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I think Reidski had better watch out or he will be usurped by Mr Regards of Leyton Orient. It's amazing what the printed word can achieve.

Reidski said...

Well, maybe I do need to watch out ...

Anyway, nice touch by the club, I would say!

J.J said...

Dandelion, we football fans have an etiquette all of our own. We do always wish opposing sides well*, even as we cross our fingers behind our backs.

*Unless they support West Ham.

Greavsie, no, no, no - think Sunderland last season. And continue to do so until all hope is statistically lost.

Marc - see above.

Pixie...no, I suspect that he is simply a good bloke who recognises stupidity when he sees it. Plus I am easily pleased!

YP, an acceptance that it was daft was all I wanted, and yes, he used all the right words.

Reidski, not as nice as your touches though. xxx