Friday, September 07, 2007


can only get better today. One hopes.

I reminded myself why it is I tell the kids not to go outside with bare feet.

There I was, putting out the washing bare foot. I stepped backwards and felt something particularly unpleasant underfoot. The unpleasant thing looked like this....

....only it was BIGGER.


Dandelion said...

Oh my god, that is rank!

It happened to me once, so you have my heartfelt sympathy. I felt upset and revolted for quite some time afterwards, no matter how many times I washed my feet

Gill said...

I once bet my nephews that I would lick a slug for 20 krone but we ended up arguing about whether I meant Norwegian or Danish Krone so I didn't have to do it!!

cookie monster said...

see, thats why i like living in a town or city. no pesky critters!

Alan said...

My blood has just run cold.

Stay away. It will kill you and all your family given half the chance.

Pixie said...

does anyone know what purpose those 'orrible things serve other than being revolting??

J.J said...

Dandelion, we could set up a support group!

Gill, phew!

Cookie - it has apparently been a bumper year for slugs, so I wouldn't relax if I were you.

Alan, I will take your advice. I could tell it was a vicious and ruthless bastard.

Pixie - NO purpose other than as a component of little boys, alongside snails and puppy dog tails.