Monday, September 24, 2007

Spoiler alert!!!!

I now know that there are two major inaccuracies in the song sang in The Wizard of Oz when they declare that the Wicked Witch is Dead, in that she wasn't wicked, and nor was she dead.

She runs off with the Scarecrow!

Anyway, quite good fun as a show. Clever plot. The woman who plays the witch who isn't wicked at all has a hell of a voice. Amazing sets. And yes, if you have teenage girls with you it is pretty much guaranteed to be a successful night out - unless one of them happens to be a 14 year old Goth and pretty much determined NOT to enjoy it at all. The Goth in our little group did eventually concede under intense questioning that it was 'Alright' which as a recommendation is probably on a par with 'Sensational!' says Heat Magazine.

Lots of women there, and lots of 'Friends of Dorothy' there. Hetro men were noticable only by their absence. Anyway, in view of the above, and the fact that the Apollo, Victoria has 2574 seats of which approx two thirds are in the circle, a question for you: What is the total number of toilets available in the circle at the Apollo Victoria for women to use? I will pop the answer in the comments of the next post, but do have a guess without cheating. I'm sure no one has anything better to do :-)


Dandelion said...

Two? Three?

J.J said...

I see you have visited West end theatres before Dandelion.