Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Quite a successful day.

I didn't set my vacuum alight - so that was an improvement on last year.

Kids all got on, even during a prolonged game of Simpsons Snap.

I won the Sing-a-long Rock Star game on the playstation with my interpretation of Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know'. The game will be going back tomorrow marked 'Faulty'.

The only 'OH MY GOD!'moment was when we watched Eastenders. Pauline Fowler dying I can cope with (celebrate even), but Sonia wearing exactly the same red dress as mine and looking bloody awful in it has caused me some lasting damage.


Was quite successful too. Good walk this morning, followed by very good gin and tonic in pub, followed by a rare win for the Cobblers, and then yet another huge dinner as obviously we didn't have enough to eat yesterday.

Any more food and I will look as fetching as Sonia did when next I wear my red dress.

Best heckle at football yesterday expressed after about 40 minutes of watching nothing much happen: "I'm missing Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang for this!"

Latest weather report for Lapland is that it will be mainly sunny for the next two days. SUNNY???!! It isn't even supposed to get light at this time of year let alone be sunny.

Bloody cold though....hooray!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

How come Martin knew his mum was dead without even checking her pulse or anything and there's you - I mean Sonia - standing by the railings with all that nursing experience! My script would have included this:-
MARTIN: Mum! Wake up! I think she's dead Son!
SONIA: No way Martin. Let me through, let me check.
(Sonia listens to Pauline's heart and feels for a pulse)
SONIA: Call an ambulance somebody! I'm so sorry Martin! She's... she's gone.
Then the DUH! DUH! DUH-DUH! and credits....

Nice twist that little Rebecca saw Sonia hit Granny Pauline but I think the Xmas card was left at the FRONT door - not the back and there isn't a view into the Fowlers' dining room from the front of the house! Unless of course Rebecca has X-Ray vision!

J.J said...

Well spotted YP!

Reidski said...

All that talk of food and Red Sonia inspires me to follow your example JJ so it's off for a walk I go. But where to go? I could walk east and visit the Thames Park or whatever it's called or do my usual and walk west ...

Nat said...

Pauline died?

I thought she was immortal.

Or at least un-killable. A bit like cockroaches.

What is happening over there!

Happy new year love

Nat said...

Yorkshire, are you a closet 'Ender?

You'll have to fill me in on all the details from the last year and a half.

You should write for them. Your stories would be at least credible!

Nat said...

Who's Rebecca?