Sunday, December 24, 2006

Something else to celebrate

At 3.45 yesterday (precisely) I admitted defeat, went out, and bought a new laptop.

It cost far less money than the other one did five years ago but has several features the other one did not.

The feature that impresses me most is the fact that it works.


timesnewroman said...

Thats the thing about computers. The first one 1 bought was just under 1,000 15 years ago, the second 1 I got was twice as fast and twice the hard disk 4 years later and was slightly cheaper, same for the next 1 again and the one I have now was less than half that price but is about 100 times better interms of performance and ability.

Moo said...

Has it worked??!!

Moo said...


Congrats on the new laptop...hopefully this one will work!!

Moo said...

Oh...and Happy Christmas!!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hope it's not a Packard Bell from PC World cos they are shit! Yo ho ho! Happy Christmas!

cookie monster said...

Oi! merry christmas!

Spunky Trunks said...

Yeah Happy Christmas JJ and I hope 2007 is a fantastic year for you.


PS! I got a helicopter for christmas! I'll stick a video on me blog. Best present I've had in years.

J.J said...

Jim, I can't believe the advances in technology in just a few years - amazing.

Moo, still working after a whole 48 hours!!! And hope you had a very happy one Moo!

YP - funnily enough....didn't get one of those again, and strange to say - gave PC World a miss too. Happy Christmas Mr Pudding!

Ey up Cookie lad! Happy Christmas to you too.

Love your video Spunky! (Flash or what?!) Seasons GReetings sent in your direction also.