Monday, December 18, 2006

Well if it isn't him

He deserves to be arrested on the grounds of sheer stupidity.

If it is him let's hope the Sunday Mirror's bizarre interview doesn't compromise his trial.


Martin said...

Guess who's been arrested?

The Great Blandini said...

Well, kudos to the police.

But, for fuck's sake, what's wrong with the media? Even the BBC are doing it.

If he is guilty, it's up to the police and the courts to sort it.

And if he isn't guilty, the media have decided that he should be.

Annoys the burning piss out of me.

cookie monster said...

the thing is, IF it is him then the media have completely fucked the prosecution case right up just as they did with woodgate and bowyer!

The Great Blandini said...

Well, exactly.


Sorry, J.

Speculation is all very well but keep it in private, I say.

J.J said...

Well I have just listened to an interview in which concern was expressed about the media compromising a fair trail - NOW they think about that.

For god's sake....