Wednesday, December 06, 2006


According to the vet I heard on the radio today this cat (if we could hear him which we can not - it is a photograph) (I felt I needed to clarify that point) is producing 'inappropriate vocalisation.'

Translated this means the cat is making a right bloody row.

A social worker could not have phrased it more obscurely...and I should know.


The Moy said...

That, or he's singing "La Donna Mobile."

Arthur Clewley said...

good grief what are you talking about woman? can't you see he's a baritone!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

With its gob open like that, perhaps the cat has been trained to perform fellatio - with the first volunteer being a certain Scotsman living in London. Mmmm... much tastier than Whiskas!

Reidski said...

Found this for you, so good luck:

Overgrooming and inappropriate vocalisation
This is often a sign of anxiety
· Limit situations leading to anxiety.
· Do not pat or talk softly to the cat when it exhibits the behaviour as it reinforces the fearful response rather than reassuring the cat
· Spend 10 to 15 minutes daily at a set time playing, grooming and otherwise interacting with the cat on its own.
· Grow an indoor garden of safe plants such as catnip or cat mint for the cat to use.
· Provide a variety of toys and alternate or change them weekly.

Moo said...

One of our cats doesnt make a sound when she miaows, well bizarre...the thing is though she can actually miaow and has no problem growling at the other cats! I do wonder why she doesnt miaow properly!

Emma said...

Yeah. Maybe he's trying to sing summat.

J.J said...

All I know is that he thinks he is Howling Wolf.

And apparently 'inappropriate is a symptom of alzemhimer's in cats so now I am worried my elderly cat is going to start forgetting what the litter tray is for.

Mr Whackit said...

You humans are all wrong. When we make a lot of noise it usually means, you humans are not feeding us enough/ you humans are feeding us pilchards instead of salmon/ you humans have not fed us for the last half hour/ you humans dont realise our litter tray stinks/ you humans dont see that we need to get our rocks off/ you humans have to realise your limitations. When will you humans wise up ??

Mr Whackit.