Sunday, December 03, 2006


I went to Reidski's Work Christmas do. I was very nervous like I always get when I really want people to like me and for them not to spend the following Monday at work asking each other what on earth he sees in that idiot?

Some of his friends I had already met which did help. It is always lovely to see Messalina and I have got to say that she looked radiant that night...really, really happy.

Free bar all night helped too. The only problem with that being that although I talked to lots of his mates during the evening I have very little recollection of who I talked to and what on earth I talked to them about. I do remember one bloke correctly identifying the perfume I was wearing. That has never ever happened before in my entire life.I was impressed even if I can't remember who it was.

I know I told his Millwall supporting boss that I never ever shouted 'Come on Luton' whilst sitting with the Millwall supporters when they were playing Luton. Had he not most unfortunately been sitting right next to me when I DID actually shout 'Come on Luton' there would have been more of a chance that he might have taken my word on that.

One of Reisdki's ex's was there. It is OK though. I am reconciled to the fact that I could never ever compete with the bosom (HUGE!!!!) she had on show and I can live with that fact.

But what I DO remember very clearly indeed was that Reidski danced with me. First time ever, and apparently his first time for many years, though I don't know why. The boy can dance and he 'done good'.

Everyone I met was really nice (I feel fairly sure I would remember if anyone hadn't been), and it was a Real Good Do.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow the discussion in his office will not be 'What on earth does he see in that idiot?'


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Awh, sweet. I treasure 'dancing' with Cloud in Grand Central Station. Out in more general dancing arenas, bless him, he does get rather punkish in his dancing habits... Sounds like you did well on all fronts.

J.J said...

Lisa, I shall have to wait till he gets into work tomorrow to be sure.....

Nat said...

Sounds lovely. There is something very special about dancing with "the love".

Merry Chrissie......