Saturday, December 23, 2006

Best Bar of Chocolate Ever

Actually I don’t eat a huge amount of chocolate and I am one of those people who is pretty fussy about what chocolate I will eat.

I like a Kit Kat but it has to be a nice crisp one- preferably one that has been in the fridge first. I also like Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Whole Nut and Flakes, both dipped and otherwise. I am very keen on hazelnut whirls that you get in Milk Tray boxes. Once I was given an enormous box of Dairy Milk which contained 8 hazelnut whirls on the top layer, and 8 on the bottom. I ate just one of them. The following day I went to have another – but to my horror every single one of them had gone from the top layer. I couldn’t believe it. I consoled myself with the thought of 8 more of the bottom layer – but they were gone too. Following the inquest it transpired my husband had got the munchies late the previous night – and had eaten them all. I would not have cared if he had eaten any of the other chocolates in there – but my hazelnut whirls? It was unforgivable. Things were never the same between he and I after that.

My MOST favourite chocolate though is Lindt – milk chocolate. It is SO beautiful. It is nostalgic for me because when I was little my dad travelled away a lot and when he came back he would usually bring me and my sister a box of Lindt chocolate bunnies, kittens or ducks. Loved them, but always felt guilty about biting their heads off because they looked so cute.

Reidski knows this is my favourite chocolate. Last night he gave me my Christmas presents – a wonderful collection of Clash singles on CD’s, followed by what seemed to me by size and taste to be a bar of Lindt chocolate to unwrap. I was right, and kissed him cos I thought it was very lovely of him to wrap me up a bar of my favourite chocolate. Then he told me to look at the back of the chocolate bar. He had stuck to it details of our tickets to see the one show in London I have wanted to see more than any other, but never thought I would ever be able to afford to see – Billy Elliot.

I am overwhelmed by this wonderful present and in fact started to cry.

I want to thank him again here where I hope he will read it, and also want to say to any one else who ever visits here that I hope you too get a present as perfect as I have had this year.

Happy Christmas Everyone.



Reidski said...

I'm reading it JJ and glad you liked it.

However, I was sooooo looking forward to some of that chocolate and you didn't even offer me a square ;-)

Steve said...

Look forward to the chocolate Reidski, I'd rather have that than sit through Billy - bloody - Elliot!!

J.J said...

Reidski, chocolate will be shared next week I promise.

Steve - he really is very good to me isn't he?!

Nat said...

The only good chocolate over here is the lindt stuff.

I have become a chocolate snob!