Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Bit of a Family Do

My daughter and I went to my aunt's last night. Plenty of other friends and family members were in attendance and ages ranged from 4 to 76. Food and drink was provided in abundance, and Father Christmas made a break from his busy schedule to put in an appearance.

Now I don't know if this is merely going to confirm the opinion that my family is totally and utterly beyond help but the main topic of conversation was the up coming results of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing Final. For those who have somehow managed to miss this programme a group of celebrity types are introduced to their experienced ballroom dancing partners and have up to 16 weeks - should they get as far as the final - to learn how to ballroom dance. Who stays in each week and who oges is decided by viewers phone votes. Competing last night were the only two left -rugby player Matt and his partner versus cricket player Mark and his partner.

I have to admit straight away that I love this programme myself although I have hardly managed to see any of this series. This I do realise after what I saw of it last night has been to my detriment as the cricket Mark Rampakash really is, for ladies of a certain age - i.e. anyone between 10 and 90)*, extraordinarily attractive and quite the sexy mover.

So anyway, luckily for us, Father Christmas had been and gone by the time 9.30 and the final arrived, and at this particular party - on went the tele and everyone crowded round. My dad remarked that the suspense was killing him - but he always has been somewhat prone to sarcasm. My sister was telling us all how she hates celebrity reality shows, and there by somewhat misjudged what was going on around her - the unconcealed nerves and excitement of the opposing camps - one supported Matt or Mark. There could be no in between. But I have to say by this point we were all fairly sure Mark must have won - going by the number of phone votes my aunt had made for him since we had all been there he would surely have won hands down. (She is a bit worried about next phone bill. My uncle more so.)

We watched both couples in the final dance off. Elderly aunts were noted to be drooling as Mark shook his arse about one last time. I needed a drink myself (another one). Tension was rising. The votes were in - 12.5 million of them last night alone - (hopefully not all originating from my aunts phone). My aunt had to leave the room - though we know she was listening at the door because of the way she yelled "Yes!" and ran back in to jump up and down instantly our Brucie said the words 'winner' and 'Mark' in the same sentence. We were all up on our feet cheering - although my dad did comment that he had thought Matt actually performed better in that final dance off thereby giving away the fact he had been paying as much attention as the rest of us.

It was at that point that the party really took off...on account of ladies favourite Mark winning Strictly Come Dancing.. Well, it is a good an excuse as any for a Christmas booze up isn't it?

* OK. My cousin Sarah didn't see the attraction, but then again she is engaged to Rebecca.


Reidski said...

"Mark Rampakash really is, for ladies of a certain age - i.e. anyone between 10 and 90)*, extraordinarily attractive and quite the sexy mover."

Hey, some of us boys also think he is rather attractive, JJ!

J.J said...

Uh oh! I knew me and you was too good to be true! Don't tell me I face another Ian* scenario!

(I don't think so!)

*First boyfriend. Gay. Nuff said.