Monday, December 04, 2006

A missing sandwich bag.

I was telling my mum about the phone call I got when I was on the loo at Scratchwood Service Station. She may have trumped me with tales of stupid phone calls received from members of my family.

My sister has a catch phrase which goes "You know how much I hate waste." We have all heard it so many times now we just repeat in unison, "Yes, we know how much you hate waste." An example at random - On Thursday she walked down the road from her house to mine carrying an opened tin of tomatoes. It turned out to be a gift because "You know how much I hate waste."

She saves and reuses sandwich bags. I do not have a problem with that but.....

Whereas I was on the loo, mum was in the bath when the phone rang. She got out to answer it. It stopped as she got there. She gave it the 1471, and it was my sister's number. She doesn't ring mum much so mum thought it must be important* and delayed her return to her bath whilst she rang her back.

My mum - "You wanted me?"

My sister - "Have you moved the empty sandwich bag I left on the window sill?"

My mum - "No."

My sister - "Are you sure?"

My mum - "Yes."

My sister - "It's just that I did see a sandwich bag thrown away in my bin the other day and you know how much I hate waste."

My mum - "Is that what you rang me for?"

My sister - "Yes."

My mum - "Goodbye."

* Mum was wrong.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sounds like your sister has a waste problem but her waste can be easily reduced using the Yorkshire Pudding Method. Many ladies have lost pounds with this unique method of waste reduction.

marc said...

You know they have medication for this -- she doesn't have to suffer!

J.J said...

YP, I know what my sister needs - a good man. Could you recommmend one?

Marc - she is completely barking mad, and is driving the rest of us in that same direction.