Thursday, December 21, 2006

Never again

Will I defend that bloke who manages Chelsea whose name escapes me. I should have listened to my mother who told me never to trust those swarthy Mediterranean types. "Stick with a good Scottish man" she told me and so I shall - even if one particular Scottish man of my acquaintance rather bizarrely thinks everton are right!

OK - through gritted teeth...maybe Andy Johnson is a reformed character. In my line of work we need to believe individuals can change for the better (difficult though that can be).

(but I doubt it)

Still on football - we have lost the nice Mr Gorman as our manager - he has resigned. Some supporters are saying a certain ex-manager of ours should be re-appointed. They are on about Ian Atkins - Mr Nasty Bully as opposed to Mr Gorman who =Mr Nice Guy, or indeed that nice honest Mr Johnson ( I am trying here - really I am). If Atkins came back I here by swear I would not return to watch my team until such time as he was sacked again.

There is so much I would like to add to this but the truth is - my lap top is knackered again, I am at my sister's - and her mouse isn't working well and it is doing my head in, so I will be back when I can find a computer that will actually operate properly for me.

Wonders - is it me that computers just react against?


crisiswhatcrisis said...

Hiya. Sorry about the Cobblers - and you know that I really can empathise with your pain.

It's not just your 'puter either. The likelyhood of the batteries falling out of my wireless keyboard (and me therefore having to reset it all) is directly proportional to the amount of a hurry I'm in.

Does your head, dunnit?

greavsie said...



Yorkshire Pudding said...

Mmmm... I guess you weren't too hot on Geography at school. Lisbon, where Jose is from, faces the Atlantic Ocean and is several hundred miles from the Mediterranean! Did your mama warn you to watch out for Atlantic types too? Regarding managers - you can have our cast off Phil Parkinson - seriously though - the chemistry might be better for him at Northampton than it was in Hull.