Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Strange people

With all the horror that is going on in Ipswich at the moment you might not imagine that some pedant would take the time to ring the BBC to point out Ipswich is a town and not as described on the radio a city.

But someone did.

On the same subject I heard someone else on a phone-in this morning say that no one cared about a load of slags being bumped off. If I were in the police force I would be making a point of visiting that callous bastard - preferably at the most anti-social time in the early hours of the morning possible. Well he has surely to be a legitimate suspect doesn't he?????


Reidski said...

And take the editor of a local Ipswich newspaper who was on Radio 5 last night near salivating over the fact that they had record sales and record hits on their website and that he was producing a special 16-page supplement on the murders for today's edition.

Steve said...

Well, he sounds a right twat along with all the others. I just bet they all wish this "story" had occurred in August when, apparently, fuck all else happens.

I've got a feeling the guilty one is the type of pedantic misfit that gets upset about cities and towns an' that.

I've also got a feeling God's telling the guilty one to carry out these disgraceful acts as well.

Time will tell.

Shooting Parrots said...

I empathasise with the pedant, being a thorough going one myself, but I draw the line at the other prat. Where do people get off on which life lost is innocent or not?

Just before this terror, there were headlines in the papers about a bloke kicked to death in Henley-on-Thames, the first murder in that nexk of the woods for 40 years or so. How does that measure up to the deaths of a handful of working girls?

The Mail has got itself in something of a tiz, but must be rubbing their corporate hands at a tittilating tale that will see them over the Christmas news-lull.

Now there's a thought. Anyone checked the Mail's sub-editor's alibi?

Foilwoman said...

Can't help myself (my apologies): Steve, in this situation the call-in guy may be the world's smallest, smelliest penis, but he's not a twat. That would make him arguably a good thing, at least as the word twat is used in the U.S. And a (*cough*) man who thinks that killing sex workers (the only women on the planet who he might have a chance of getting it on with) is no big deal really doesn't deserve to be in the same sentence as the word twat. Just saying.

themoy said...

What are people thinking about when they say these things? Was there some aspect of right and wrong that wasn't imparted when they learned about morality as children?

J.J said...

Reidski - I hate journalists - and understand totally why you hated that job so much.

Steve, yes - god has a lot to answer for.

SP, a story like this is the answer to a tabloid editors prayers.

Foilwoman - I think a whole post is needed on the subject of swear words and their meanings. I really do wonder if in the UK at least they have lost their power to shock through everyday constant usage. I am always mildly surprised if anyone swears in front of me and then apologises
for their language.

And The Moy - I think that the sense of right and wrong is no longer taught in all families. I hesitate to define in which families -but I did used to work in child protection and have seen close up what passes for parenting and example setting in some areas.

cookie monster said...

all the media coverage of these tragic events is a tad tawdry.