Monday, December 18, 2006

In my case

it led to a meeting yesterday with Reidski's three big brothers.

And yes Yorkshire Pudding - I really could have done with a translator and did a lot of nodding and smiling as I hoped was appropriate.

If my nodding and smiling was NOT appropriate they will no doubt as I type be describing their youngest brother's new 'sort' as a Care in the Community sort, who does an awful lot of inane nodding and grinning.

The more I think about it the more worried I become so time to switch my attention to less worrying matters.....

Football? No, recent form far too worrying.

My sister? No, way, way too worrying.

Lapland for New Year? No, I keep hearing there is as yet no snow in Lapland which is worrying on a personal level as well as on a Global Warming type level.

Christmas? No, too worrying on abuse of credit card limits level.

My post qualifying qualification? That what I am supposed to be working on right now rather than aimlessly blogging when I have a deadline to meet? That is actually so worrying I really am going to have to get back to the subject at hand - Anti Discriminatory Practice. But don't worry - I will spare you the details of that one.



The Great Blandini said...

Got any stuff on research?
Or indeed any recent research?

This assignment is annoying me. Especially its January 4th deadline, and the fact that I only seem to have written 20 of the 4000 words required...

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Worrying: its a way of life for me. Hugs to you for your assignment and the future: as for the nodding, fret not, am sure you understood far more than you WANT to let on...


J.J said...

Great Blandini - end not exactly in sight is it? What is it on?

Thanks for the hug Lisa. And yes, osme of the bits I did catch were quite alarming!

The Great Blandini said...

'What do social workers need to know about research, and why do they need to know it?'

And to think I could be in the bath reading a novel and listening to jazz.....

Instead of reading blogs.


Reidski said...

I'll sign up for elocution lessons so you know what I'm saying in future!