Monday, December 18, 2006

In defence of Jose Mourinho.

Not something I find myself saying every day but at the risk of getting sued for defamation of character, Andy Johnson IS a diver.

I bring you in full this quote as it is simply hilarious -

"To publicly question the integrity of a player of Andrew's professionalism and honesty is not only wholly unacceptable and quite possibly defamatory but also, in our opinion, highly damaging for both club and player."

Andrew's HONESTY????? I am sorry???? They can't possibly be referring to the Andy Johnson who plays for England, Everton and previously Crystal Palace because that Andy Johnson is a cheating scum bag.

In my opinion -

These lot are nothing in the diving stakes compared to Andy Johnson.

Andy Johnson is a low life who brings the game of football into disrepute.

No, I don't like him, and yes - his diving twice and being granted two penalties (both converted) when we played Crystal Palace in January this year has got EVERYTHING to do with my feelings.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

It's true, Andy is a diver. I met him in Greece a couple of years ago and we dived off the rocks on the Isle of Milos. The water was crystal clear - not crystal palace. Afterwards we shared a bag of Everton mints. I think I disappointed him when I informed him I was more "ungay" - if there is such a word - than Reidski.

marc said...

The 'Special One' has spoken -- let the rest of the football world tremble....

David Duff said...

I tried to get through last night but 'Blogger' verification wasn't working.

'JJ', you got into some trouble on your blog a while back, the nature of which, I never did understand; and you are in danger of more of the same with this post. Mr. Johnson, and his lawyers, will not be amused if they hear of it. I suggest a slight alteration in language, if I were you.

Just a friendly nudge!

Brom said...

So thats' how you spell Josie Marino. A name I've heard on the airwaves lots of times.

I know nothing about football me.

John said...

You're on your own now, J.J. Mourinho has changed his mind and apologised.

marc said...

Yeah, John -- just saw that!

Some'Special One'-- after our JJ backs him up, the wanker leaves her to dangle!

Martin said...

And Phil Neville described AJ as "the most honest professional I ever played with".

Not much competiton considering your previous club, eh Phil?