Friday, November 24, 2006

Very worried

having just seen this that our highly rated young goal keeper has a speech impediment.


Messalina said...

It might not be an impediment: he may be receiving elocution lessons to overcome a Northamptonshire accent.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Who knows - one day he may be as eloquent as John Gormless
"He will learn and he will talk better and will improve in years to come"
To talk better may I suggest that the young goalkeeper spends his holidays up here in Yorkshire where English isn't mangled and estuarised. "Eee by gum ahm a reet good keeper tha knows!"

J.J said...

Messalina, you've got a roit gud point there me duck.

YP, at least he has a role model to learn from in Mr G.

Spunky Trunks said...

It's not a speech impediment if you read carefully.

He's just a late developer.

Some people take a while to get it right.

Mind you, some people never do. Look at Sylvester Stallone.

In short. There is hope.

Our 'keeper (Everton) is a twitcher and he's great.

J.J said...

ST - you evoke the thought of Sylvester Stallone and then say there is hope!!!!

You have given me a fit of the giggles!