Thursday, November 09, 2006

Apologies for the lack of communication around these parts

Well yet again I am without internet access. Just for once I can not place the blame on the shoulders of Packard Bell or PC World which is a shame as I always enjoy having a dig at those two useless companies. (Although the latest edition of Which magazine has done a fine hatchet job on PC World I was delighted to hear on the news this morning. It could not happen to a more deserving of a hatchet job company.)

No, for the current lack of internet access I either blame my son for tripping over the wire and breaking the modem, or I blame myself for knowing fully well that was an accident that was always going to happen if I didn’t replace the trailing wire with a wireless connection….and so it came to pass on Monday morning.

So now I await the arrival of my wireless connection, and surprise, surprise, it hasn’t arrived when it should have done. Mind you, Reidski has been waiting for his modem to arrive for over three weeks now so I can’t do the ‘Why does it only happen to me?’ bit. I have tried a wireless connection before. Mind you, I bought it in PC World* so why did I imagine for one moment that I would be able to get the thing to work? Needless to say it had to go back for a refund.

I do hope to be back visiting you all soon.

* Excellent! Did manage to get in dig at PC World after all!

This message is brought to you care of Reidski Publishing as he can access the net from work. I can only do so for really important things – football message boards, What’s On in Northampton (one of the smaller web sites in existence), and my most favourite and useful website The Betterware Catalogue


Moo said...

My friends dad used to work for PC world repairing computers...he always told us never to buy computers there....I wonder why!! Hope your up and running soon!

J.J said...

I am Moo!