Sunday, November 19, 2006

Think Peter Kay

if you want to know exactly what the party Reidski and I were at last night was like just remember Peter Kay's wedding party stories - dancing dads and all.

Teenagers snogging, grannies doing The Macarena., blokes up on the floor giving it all they have got to 'Hi Ho Silver Lining,' and the drunken lass sitting outside on the door step sobbing her heart out cos Darren has dumped her for 'That cow Rebecca Horton-James.'

I couldn't relax because I was wearing a M&S dress which having featured recently in a poster campaign for that shop has, as I read the other week on the front page of The London Evening Standard, single handedly turned round the ailing fortunes of that company because so many of us bought that dress. I was expecting at least half a dozen other women to turn up wearing the exact same dress. No one else did thank god, but now I am worried that every other woman was looking at me and saying to each other 'How very last month that dress is that she is wearing.'

That angst apart, we had a laugh.


JoeinVegas said...

Still doing the Macarena over there? My, that's to 90's.

J.J said...

Joe, no party worth of the name over here escapes without at least one go at the Macerena!