Sunday, November 05, 2006

I hate chewing gum because

1) Everywhere you go pavements are covered in the stuff.

2) I will never forget when an idiot called Jerry Wiggins put some in my hair.

3) I have spent much of this weekend trying to remove chewing gum from my son's school trousers as he managed to sit on some. Bizarrely I even resorted to putting the trousers in the freezer for a few hours this morning having been told this sometimes helps - though how anyone came to discover such a fact in the first place I really can't imagine. Not that it has helped me of course.

Any chewing gum removal tips will be gratefully received.


Anonymous said...

try coca cola, as in soaking therein. mind you, it may rot the trousers too

Reidski said...

That Jerry Wiggins is in deep trouble - tell him I'll see him behind the bike sheds after school!

Spunky Trunks said...

you need a decent solvent. So coke may work.

Oooo! Reidski snogging Jerry! Won't people talk???

Sorry Mr Reidski, behind the bikesheds was for snogging in my day.

Reidski said...

Yes, now you mention it ....

Elle said...

Ice cubes to break off the big bits and fuel lighter to remove the smaller ones.

And a bin if it doesn't work.

I feel actually rather sad for 'knowing' this. I should get out more.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I put my gum?

J.J said...

The Beep - thank you for the coke tip which I shall certainly try.

Reidski - yes, you sort out the nasty boy for me!

Spunky, It's OK - I remember how ugly J.W. was so I don't think Reidski will be tempted!

Hello Laura and thanks for the visit as well as the tip. Certainly it did help getting them very cold, but I suspect they are heading for the bin.

Gordan - as you are a decent and upstanding citizen I am quite sure you would have placed it in the bin.