Monday, November 27, 2006

Surely some mistake

I have no objections to any one finding my site through a search on the words 'sex goddess'. I accept however in the real world it is more often a case of finding me through 'chewing gum on trousers' and (still top search) on 'sun blushed tomatoes.

I do object to being found by a search on the words 'middle aged cobbler.'

So this is a personal message to a blogger in Indiana:

Dear Reader from Indiana - there has been a mistake. You should not be here. Please go away and stop making me feel my age. Do not take this personally. It is not you - it is me. Thank you and sod off. Jane.

This is the offending search =


Elle said...

Dear Reader from Indiana.

Feel however free to visit my site. Although I'm not a sex goddess either I secretly always dreamt of being one. Make sure to leave your mark and have me quiverring in excitement.

David Duff said...

'JJ', perhaps you should flash your "sun blushed tomatoes" at him!

J.J said...

Elle! I can't keep up with your name changes - but I think that naughty little comment will get Reader in Indiana heading for you directly - and a quite a few others besides!

David, I blush at the very idea. Don't forget that I am a respectable middle aged cobbler...I'm certainly not likely to forget that fact EVER.