Thursday, November 30, 2006

Not a good week at the checkouts

OK, tonight I was unloading my stuff from my shopping trolley when I realised the jar of olives I was about to pay for had a loose lid and that the brine from the jar was leaking into a puddle on the floor making it look not entirely unlike a puddle of wee. Was it not for an event earlier this week which also took place at the checkout I might have been slightly embarrassed. The previous event at the checkouts however took checkout embarrassment to a whole new level against which appearing to have weed on the floor pales into insignificance.

I was about to pay for a box of these. I had already noted with some slight dismay that the checkout assistant was an elderly male but thought 'What the hell?' And then I dropped the box as I was about to put it on the conveyor belt. 32 of the small roundish items fell out of the box and rolled out in every direction. And I had to retrieve them.

It was interesting how not a single male in the store appeared to notice???????


Shooting Parrots said...

You need a man to do this particular shopping. Having bought said items on many occasions for Mrs P, I haven't had any 'spillages'. But then I wasn't the one at that time of the month when hand/eye coordination goes out the window.

David Duff said...

Where was Larry of
fame when he was needed?

Moo said...

Jane, you have the funniest stories to tell!!

Elle said...

This must be an English thing. Why on earth should you be embarrassed? Is it the admission that you are a perfectly healthy woman?

Jim said...

For me to notice stuff like tha you would probably have had to scream and shout and point.

J.J said...

SP, I am clumsy every day of the month I am sorry to say!

David, where ever he was he wasn't in Tescos.

Moo, if only they happened to other people from time to time!

Elle, we are hopelessly English I am afraid. We still advertise the things using blue liquid for goodness sake!

Jim, I wanted to scream but had to laugh.