Monday, November 27, 2006

Lured under false pretences

So anyway, how to get Reidski to voluntarily spend all of Saturday in Northampton? Well, I didn't get to be a middle aged cobbler (oh how that phrase is like a knife through my heart) without learning a few tricks about how to tempt a man. The solution was easy....

I promised him an afternoon watching the Cobblers play Orient.

Sad to report however that disaster struck - as did thunder and lightning. The pitch got water logged and the match was rained off, but after he arrived, so I am very sorry to have to report the entire afternoon was spent in a pub.According to its web site here the pub we spent most time in was designed with the discerning adult in mind. Luckily, they still served us.

It was a strange coincidence that we both had headaches the next day - I blame that on withdrawal symptoms what with the football being cancelled and all.

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Reidski said...

It was definitely football withdrawals which gave me a headache - and not the 4 bottles of wine!