Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Weekend

Reidski’s interesting approach to introducing me to his son for the first time…. “This is Jane. She is the one responsible for splitting our family up.” Like I wasn’t nervous enough about this particular meeting?? I guess after that it could only get better, and his son is great. He told his dad later that he was glad he was going out with me because I was so nice. Excellent! That’s him fooled into a false sense of security leaving me safe to adopt my ‘wicked step-mother role.’ Cue evil laughter….A –Ha- Ha -Haaaaa!*

So anyway, apart from that traumatic encounter of the first kind we had one of those excellent and laid back weekends with good company- Mr and Mrs TNR and others, good food, good wine, and erh, some other good stuff of a personal nature, details of which have no place on a family blog.

We also listened to a lot of music. Reidski has a great vinyl collection and thanks to Jim’s diplomatic suggestion that we four took turns at choosing a track to play we got to hear a very diverse selection of music in the evenings without arguments about who was dominating the turn table. Well, just the one argument as to whether R having selected a Dead Kennedy record lasting just 60 seconds was therefore entitled to play the next track straight afterwards. Answer: ‘No of course not- rules are rules.’

He took me to the most beautiful and amazingpub yesterday which is thoroughly recommended to anyone who finds them self in London EC4. I got very excited because I read it was on the same site that the Papal Court formally dissolved the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. I was very ‘in to the Tudors’ back in the olden days when I was intelligent. If it wasn’t for that one decision by the Papal Court I would never have written the dissertation I wrote when I was at university… which thinking about it would have spared me a helluva lot of time which could more usefully have been employed by my social life. All that research and writing on the Tudor Rebellions…and it only ever got read by one person - my tutor**. Reminds me somewhat of this blog!

* I shouldn’t joke about that really because to be honest I was absolutely thrilled to bits he said what he did to his dad.

**Who gave me 79% for it. One flaming percent off a first. You would have thought he could have somehow scrapped up one more tiny little percent for me. Not that that still causes me distress after 25 years of course but I’m going home to kick the cat now.

And then I am going to the football. Look out for me on Sky Sports as we are on the tele tonight. No doubt you will all be staying in especially to watch Northampton Town play Bristol City in Coca Cola League One?

You won’t???

Nowt so strange as folk ;-)


Shooting Parrots said...

Damn! The Cobblers game passed me by. How devastated am I?

Jim said...

Oh dear, I read this too late to cach the first half, however I got a lot of the second which must have been disheartening live.

Steve said...

Aye....very disheartening.

J.J said...

Lucky you S.P!

Jim and Steve...it was indeed somewhat disheartening. AAAARGGHHHH!!!!

Martin said...

To lose one goal against ten men is unfortunate, to lose two ....

J.J said...

Martin, to lose two was a flaming disaster!