Sunday, August 20, 2006

News from the home front

did eventually reach us on the Thursday regarding the terrorist alert.

Looking back, the level of security at Luton airport was the highest I have ever seen it with one in five bags being searched and checked for traces of explosives so I think they knew something 'was a foot'or should I say something was'a drinking bottle'.

Anyway, it was all very disconcerting - a whole week or worrying about the big issue....Would we or would we not be allowed to take duty free wines and spirits back with us?

In the event Barcalona airport seemed surprisingly relaxed and we could take hand luggage, phones, I-Pods and- phew- duty free spirits on board with us (although travellers to the USA could not). However, this did not mean I escaped being involved in an International Incident at the airport.

My daughter is 12 and thus just qualiifes for a child's air ticket. When we checked in the woman asked her how old she was and when she said 12 to my surprise she gave us priority boarding passes. I came to wish she hadn't bothered. Priority boarding was announced and lots of families pressed forward. I was letting those with little ones and babies go first, but when they had all boarded I went to the front only to get a right telling off from a Spanish woman whose English was far far better than my Spanish (hard to believe I know). I did weakly protest that we had got priority boarding but she replied that so had her family, and we were all in the same boat, except she meant same plane, and they were ahead of us. An awkward and embarrased silence settled on my family and hers save for the outraged mutterings coming from my 16 year old. Then the Easy Jet rep asked if there was anyone else with priority boarding and the other family handed in their boarding passes. The Easy Jet rep looked at her passes and shook his head. Seems she did NOT have priority boarding. I gave in ours and we were nodded through. Victory was mine. But I am such a wimp. I just hate scenes of any nature,and the public nature of that one was horrendous, especially as it was impossible to silence my sons triumphant reaction as we boarded ahead of her and hers.

Going back to the terrorist alert. I read in the paper when I got back that the pilots are complaining that they are not allowed to have their contact lense liquid in the cockpit with them. Well thank God I didn't know that when I was flying. I can just about cope with the thought that a passenger might have some toothpaste about their person and be 'not afraid to use it', but the thought that the pilot may be unable to see properly as he can't put his lens in...well that would really worry me.


Gert said...

I hate the EasyJet priority boarding scheme. I didn't get it when I had my arm in a sling, yet I saw a family with children (fully grown teenagers) getting it.

I have afriend who flies for EasyJet and she hates than more the passengers do...!

J.J said...

Gert, if I ever get offered it again I am will Just Say No!