Monday, August 21, 2006


My sister has been on one of the internet dating sites with somewhat mixed results, but she has just showed me what can only be described as a disaster.

She has received an e-mail through the site from my friend P's (as mentioned just yesterday) second ( of three so far) husband. He MUST know it is her because her photo is on the damn thing. He lives in the next village to us. And what is rather creepy is that he was at the same village b.b.q. as us only yesterday and was chatting away to her. Why on earth didn't he say something given that the e-mail was sent on Saturday?

Of course it wouldn't be a total disaster if she fancied him.

But she doesn't fancy him so it is officially a TOTAL disaster.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

She could go for the money and keep quiet.

J.J said...

I think P ensured her ex-husband has no money. She is a naughty minx.