Thursday, August 17, 2006

Letter to the Catalan Tourist Board

Dear Senors,

Did I miss the part in the tourist guides where it says that between 6th August and 16th August the weather in Catalonia will be mainly torrential rain?



cookie monster said...

may i be the first to say..... the rain in spain will fall mainly on jane?

thank you

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Welcome back!

J.J said...

That was how it felt Cookie.

Thanks Lisa!

Catalonia Tourist Board said...

Dear Senorita Cobblers,
Eef yousa donna like Catalonia weather thena why donna yousa spend yoursa holidaying time in a Yorkshire nexta year? Costa del Bridlington Bay eeza muchas gracias ina Aowgust. KO?
(El Manager)

J.J said...

Gracias for your kind suggestion.

Happy memories of seing the Jam in Brid many moons ago.

cookie monster said...

the jam? que?

J.J said...

They were a popular beat-combo group back in the dark ages Cookie.