Monday, August 21, 2006

No true supporter should be without

a Smeg fridge in your club's colours.

I do believe that the Cobbler's 'Super Store' is missing a great sales opportunity by not selling these. Strangely however, when I tried to suggest to the shop manageress that she might care to order a few in claret and white - well- Honestly! If I was a more sensitive soul, her howls of derision may have caused me some distress. Granted two of them would take up ALL the floor space in the store but a club such as ours needs to show more ambition in the marketing department or how will we ever compete with the Barcelona's of this world?

Oh god- sorry, I do get rather carried away at times but even I can't quite believe I just managed to type that last sentence with a straight face.


cookie monster said...

compete with the barcelonas? you cant even cope with the gillinghams!

apart from the other day

J.J said...

The same other day as the day we beat your lot at your place ehhh? :-))

Arthur Clewley said...

when Darlington get into Europe, you will that it can be done and that the idea is not so fantastical after all - have faith and watch and learn!

J.J said...

I must indeed keep the faith.

But if I wait for Darlington to make it I fear I will be a veryaged old woman indeed. Yes Cookie - EVEN older than I am now!