Sunday, August 20, 2006

I know I am going on a bit this morning

Even more than usual but my flaming laptop...possibly the worst purchase I have ever playing up again.

I have lost count of the number of times it has had to go in for repairs of one nature or another. Yesterday it took something like nine hours to condescend to operate. When we switch it on we just get a rolling and unreadable screen until eventually it decides it will settle down, but even then it won't let us use the DVD drive, and it has also decided unilaterally that it will change its font size to about 50. Even I wouldn't need my contact lenses in to read what I am currently is ridiculously big print.

Anyway, to get to the point, it is going in AGAIN for further repairs on Tuesday so it won't be so easy to write anything till it gets back so here I am waffling for England whilst I can before yet again having to rely on my sister's good nature for further blogging. Life was mush easier before I ever bought the laptop, but the very sad truth is that I am struggling to remember what on earth I used to do before I had it.
Possibly I had a life????


Katy Newton said...

I thought perhaps you meant that it was literally flaming. Is it a Dell by any chance?

J.J said...

Packard Bell Katy.

Thankfully I did take out the extended warrenty. I am now seriously wondering if throwing it against the wall in a fit of temper would be covered under 'accidental damage'?