Monday, August 21, 2006

Scary stuff

I DID go on a water rollercoaster when I was away. That was offically fun and not scary at all.

I did NOT go on the eight looped roller coaster at Port Aventura - not because I was a wimp but because I never actually got as far as Port Aventura. We were on the platform at Barca railway station en route to Port Aventura and the train was actually pulling in when J announced he felt really really sick and could someone (me) please take him back to the hotel. So that was what I had to do. That was OK I thought. I could do some shopping later, and a bit of sun bathing in the park, but no. The shops round where we were staying were all closed that day and the early sun which had been so promising buggered off and was replaced by heavy rain. That day on holiday I mainly read books. (J was fine after about an hour by the way.)

But these scary rides are as nothing to what I have had to face on my return home.

Truly terrifying.

Spine chilling.

Makes me skin crawl on sight.

It is in fact that time of the year again when the damn great big house spiders move in - uninvited and en masse - to my home and I really really really HATE them.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...


Sorry. Bit scared of spiders. Especially big ones...

Babs said...

Oh god. Am never going to be able to nap now.

Spiders?? Bleeeeeeech!!

Moo said...

Dont get me started on the spiders...we havent had any yet but I am dreading it! I wish there was a way in which we could make them extinct!

greavsie said...

Spiders do a good job, they're misunderstood.

The ones that eat your bum by leaping out from under the loo seat aren't in this country yet. Well, it depends on global warming of course.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

You'll have to bring in SuperReidski's Spider Removal Service Ltd - Very environmentally friendly. All the guy has to do is put on his kilt, show the spiders his knobbly knees and they'll be off down the village like shit off a shovel. Trouble is you don't pay with money so be warned!

cookie monster said...

afraid of spiders? pffft!

now moths? theyre the scary bastards!

J.J said...

Lisa, Babs and Moo, we should form a support group.

Greavsie!!! There I go confiding in you about my bladder problem (side effects of drinking two litres of water a day) and now I have to worry about spiders hiding under loo seats - OH NO!

YP, SRSRS Ltd? I like it

Cookie, those big moths fluttering noisily around the lights? YUK! I'm not just spiderist you know...I hate those too.