Thursday, August 17, 2006

OK, I overstated that.

But it did rain a helluva lot more than I had expected of the southern Med in August. We had some beautiful hot and sunny days, but there was a lot of cloud, and when it rained, god almighty. I don't know....I go to Glasgow and it is scorching hot. I get on an open topped bus for a touristy tour of Barcelona and I get wet and cold. At least I am able to reassure people alarmed by recent newspaper reports that in a few years countries like Spain will be too hot for holidays!

Anyway, who cares about the weather. Catalonia was fantastic and I shall no doubt go on about it at some tiresome length.


Moo said...

Glad you had a good were there the wrong week!! My friend went to Spain the week before and went to Barcelona one day - apparently it was scorching!! Of course you didnt actually want to hear that did you!?

greavsie said...


Sorry, just had to do my Freddie Mercury impression.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Sorry, can't hear mentioned of Barcelona without thinking of the planet where dogs have no noses

J.J said...

Thanks Moo...I am now officially depressed!

Grevsie, and a very fine impression it was too.

Lisa, anything could make you think of Dr Who related episodes :-)

Anxious said...

Oooh Barcelona
I went on an open-topped bus in Barcelona and got cold. But it was January, so I didn't mind...

But Barça is fab - we went for a long weekend, but it wasn't long enough - there was sooooo much to do!

Moo said...


J.J said... did you do that clever thing with the 'c' in Barca??? I want to be able to do that! Yes, it was freezing on the bus, and I was wearing a holiday a tiny vest which didn't help. No more did receiving a text at the time saying how hot it was in Scotland - grrrrr!

Moo, I forgive you :-)

Anxious said...

If you hold down the Alt key whilst typing a three-digit number on the number pad (with Num Lock on), you can access all sorts of characters

135 gives ç
130 gives é
133 gives à
138 gives è

(I needed these when I used to have to write things in French)

You can set up shortcuts on the keyboard as well, I think...

See table at the bottom of this page

J.J said...

Anxious, thank you! You are a star.