Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Oh What A Night, early August, two thousand and six

We met Martin and John and John's lovely other half last night. I was a bit concerned by the arrangements
made with the aim of meeting up with them which I can best describe as 'bloke casual'. By this I mean Reidski suggesting we meet at the first pub we arrive at north of the venue - not that he knows any pub in the area let alone what they might be called or what they could be like - and no exchange of mobile numbers for use in the event of ending up in different places. I was more concerned when the first pub had just the four fire engines outside it having apparently just burnt down and the next one was so far away from the venue it was practically in Hertfordshire. Happily as it transpired there was a perfectly good bar downstairs from the venue itself and John and Martin had the good sense to be in there. And what great company they all were. And they knew EVERYONE in the audience for the band that had brought them to London which considering they live in Ireland and the Far North was really very impressive.

As to The Band - well, now I know why they have travelled to London to see them play twice in two nights. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

Incidentally, I spotted a couple of celebrities there last night. This guy was trying to appear incognito but I know him. He is the guy who keeps bumping in to me in the street and asking me in a strong American accent if I can tell him what the time is. And I am fairly sure that this guy is a porn star.

Thanks for a fantastic night John, Martin and M. And here's hoping the Mekons will be back in London again soon to ensure that you all are too.

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JoeinVegas said...

And why, may we ask, do you know who may be a porn star?