Thursday, August 17, 2006

Proof that the sun did shine some of the time

Just a pity that picture was taken the morning we left the villa for Barcelona.

Whatever makes you think I am a little put out about the weather we had on holiday?

OK, no more moaning, and a few more pictures....

The coast where we stayed the first week.

Place called Pals

A nearby village

Bit of Gaudi for ya

But how annoying to get killed by a tram before so much as a single tower of your masterpiece was complete.

Most important place in Barcelona

Men wearing the national dress of the area


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Are you sure those figures are men in the last picture? I think they are women - simply because they are wearing skirts. They don't call me Taggart for nothing ye ken!
Sorry to hear the weather was a bit unkind to you in Catalonia.

J.J said...

Mr Taggart, it was somewhat disconcerting coming across a group of men in kilts in a tiny Catalonian village.

Moo said...

Shame Reidski wasnt there - he would have felt right at home!! :-))