Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Helpful tips for the rabbit owners amongst us

as sent to me by Reidski...the fount of all bunny knowledge.

I think I need more practice judging by the extent of the injuries I sustained trying this trick on Houdini* this morning.

* So called because she can escape from anywhere.


Arthur Clewley said...

around here many folks have leaned to do the same thing with a ewe, but they are mostly in prison, if they weren't culled by DEFRA in 2001

Gert said...

I've just come from a blogpost where a woman describes her first experience with a rabbit.

A battery operated one that rotates and, um, vibrates.

The CAPTCHA for the comment box is pmsxy, which I read as

David Duff said...

Rumour has it that 'Reidski' only has one activity in common with rabbits and, frankly, eating a lot of lettuce leaves is a pretty boring subject for a post.

J.J said...

I must remind folk that Arthur lives in Yorkshire :-)

Gert...just a wild guess here, but it didn't happen to be a pink vibrating rabbit did it?

David, oh I don't know. There is such a wide variety of lettuce leaves to sample these days!