Monday, July 03, 2006

Today's Guardian

For the benefit of overseas readers (all two of you) the Guardian newspaper is notorious for making even more typo's than I do. They earnt the title Grauniad because of this reputation.

So today they appear to have missed something out. I buy the paper mentally prepared for reliving the agony that was last Saturday's football match. There is a whole sports section, most pages devoted to the World Cup. So I read about Sven going and his legacy.I read about Beckham resigning as captain before he could be pushed. I read pages about 'Where we went wrong' and I looked at lots of complicated diagrams showing the ball distribution of various named players, and pictures of Carvalho's balls being redistributed by Rooney.

What I did not see or read was a match report. Because there wasn't one. I don't believe they didn't write one so either they wanted to spare their readers some further distress or they forgot to add it in. Maybe they didn't think it was especially important and maybe they are right. Like when the Morning Star didn't think Diana dying was big news and found some other news to put on its front page the day after instead*. Of course the Daily Express has rather made up for the Morning Star's ommision by having Diana in its headline over forty times since January this year. Talk about flogging a dead princess.

On other pages,back in January I was bothered about some internet sites H's friends were using. There was a big article today about how police now reckon at any one time there are over 50,000 sexual predators on these sites talking to under age kids. I'm glad the risk these sites clearly present has been recognised.

But my big news is that I am off tomorrow to stay with Reidski till Saturday. Hooray! So long as he doesn't mention a certain football match we should have a pretty great time.

CORRECTION It has been brought to my attention by someone who knows that the Morning Star DID put Diana's death on the front was 9/11 they didn't think was that inportant. An interesting editorial decision there by the editor of the Morning Star :-)


The Moy said...

PG Wodehouse -- on murdering a printer.

"I'm not a fussy man', I said,
'I smile when you put "rid" for "red"
And "bad" for "bed" and "hoad" for "head"
And "bolge" instead of "bough."
When "wone" appears in lieu of "wine"
Or if you alter "Cohn" to "Schine",
I never make a row.
I know how easy errors are.
But this time you have gone too far
By printing "not" when you know what
I really wrote was "now."
'Prepare,' I said, 'to meet your God
Or as you'd say, your Goo or Bod
Or possibly your Gow.'

(From "Printer's Error")

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I don't think Carvalho has got any balls! He must be a eunuch. I know that if some bastard had stamped full force on my balls I would be spewing up and hospitalized but that greasy Dago, soon as Rooney's off he's up and at it again. F-ing cheat! Apparently at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, The Arctic Monkeys dedicated their song, "Scummy Man" to Cristiano Ronaldo!

J.J said...

The Moy, I love it!

YP, and that is why we all love the Arctic Monkeys so much!

Paul said...

Rooney needs to grow up. England didn't play smart and Portugal did. And I Like England. John Terry should make a good captain.

Shooting Parrots said...

My favourite Grauniad story is when someone wrote in to complain about how in a report on the trial of a taxi driver who had raped a woman. they had referred to his ethnicity, therefore reinforcing racial stereotyping.

They replied, "When we referred to the 'black cab driver' it was the colour of the cab, not that of the driver."