Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I left D some money yesterday and told him he had to get some hay so he could clean out the rabbit hutch.

Last night I got back late from an evening in London with Reidski and it was dark, but even so it was hard to miss the hay strewn all over the back garden, not to mention the hay liberally scattered throughout the house. We keep hay in an old brick out house which used to be an outside lavvy. I have just seen that it is full to roof height with hay. We have never ever had so much hay. The rabbit now has sufficient hay to be cleaned out every day if she lived to be 20 years old. Now where on earth could he have bought so much hay?

I am sure it is simply a coincidence that the field behind our garden currently looks like the above and that is the story I shall be sticking with.

I am now living in fear of a knock on my door from a very cross farmer brandishing a pitchfork in one hand and a lie detector kit in the other.


greavsie said...

It must've been 'offcuts' ;-)

Babs said...

Yea. I'm thinking the 'it fell off a truck' story won't wash, either.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Now there's hay all over the house let the rabbits in! Turn it into a giant rabbit hutch - a country retreat for urban rabbits - not kennels or a cattery but a rabbitery! You could make a fortune which would be easily quadrupled owing to rabbits' reproductive capacities.

crisiswhatcrisis said...

I want to know what D did with the money. Sounds like he's turning into an enterprising lad.

Spunky Trunks said...

I have to say I'd've done exactly the same thing.

Was he born on Merseyside?

JoeinVegas said...

And why would he need a lie detector?

J.J said...

Greavsie, yep, off the back of a tractor?

Babs, on second thoughts, maybe not the fell off the back of a tractor line.

YP, good idea..and I could relegate the kids to the empty rabbit hutch outside. Indeed, much more mess like I came back to last night and I am going to do that anyway.

Crisis, I dread to think what he did with the money!

Spunky, Merseyside is his spiritual home.

Joe...not strictly necessary seeing as how it is glaringly obvious where the hay came from!

Jim said...

"Glaringly obvious where the hay came from" ah, but can he actually prove that? I suspect hay looks pretty much alike and the lad could well hace found some or even bought it and lost the receipt. Do yuou get receipts for