Monday, July 03, 2006

Last comment on That Man

Well, possibly the last but he is such an easy target it is hard to promise he won't reappear at some stage.

SO, Sven defends taking Walcott to Germany. He admits he had never actually seen Walcott play. WHAT???!!!!FF'sS!!!!! But never mind, it was a good opportunity for Walcott to go along and see what being in a World Cup squad is all about. Yes, fine. Reidski who is the fount of footballing knowledge due to past employment told me Rio Ferdinand and other young players were taken along to the 1998 World Cup for the experience...but they weren't named as one of only four strikers for god's sake.

But hey, Sven is really really sorry we didn't win. I'm sure he is. He missed out on his promised million pound win bonus, and god knows he must have needed that money.

Actually I would love to think he needed that money because he will not get another job after his record with us, but no doubt his agent is fielding multi-million pound job offers as we speak. It's obscene. Yet again I remember why supporting a lowly and skint football team like the Cobblers isn't always such a bad thing.


Martin said...

I'm as pissed off with Rooney for getting sent off and deflecting the criticism from Sven.Someone always gets injured or sent off giving him a ready excuse.Badly judged squad selection, poor tactics.His fault.
As to the Theo situation, can you not take non-squad players with you for the experience anyway?

marc said...

Would love to be a fly on the wall the first day back for training at Manchester United this season...

Lever said...

Right, let's forget those overpaid fairies that went to Germany and see how Mr McLaren handles the next bunch of prima donnas... oh, it'll be the same lot right? ;)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Last Comment on That Man - Turnip!Yer a feckin eejit! Ne'er darken these shores agin ye suave lothario Viking! As they say in East Yorkshire - PISS OFF!

greavsie said...

Still, we could've had our whole football federation banned from competition.

Actually, that might not be such a bad idea......

Brutus said...

I liked the bit in the paper that said ...
"The question of whether Wayne's foot could take a tackle became whether Ricardo Carvalho's tackle could take Wayne's foot"

J.J said...

You're right Martin. Maybe it was as clear to Sven as it was to us that Rooney was likely to get sent off so he deliberately put him on his own up front so he would get really wound up and lose it..or is that a conspiracy theroy too far?

Marc, it sounds like Ronaldo thinks he will be elsewhere next season anyway which is a shame as he would get such friendly welcomes where ever he played.

Yes Lever, that is the bad news! Lampard will still be there :-(

YP, that is why I loved Hull so much..they speak their mind and don't mince their words.

Greavsie, it would spare us all a lot of angst.

J.J said...

Hi Jack and thank you for visiting. That is a great line and has quite cheered me up!

Alistair said...

Dear God, the hyperbole that gets spouted when we exit a competition.

We were all pretty surprised they made it to the quarters, so let's not kid ourselves.
Everyone has gone on about them being our best hope for a generation.
They were shit.

And the need for a scapegoat.
Everyone going on about how Sven was employed to get us the World Cup.

Anyone considered the fact that you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear?

Anyone considered the fact that our team JUST WEREN'T GOOD ENOUGH, and were bloody lucky to make it the quarters.

I'm disappointed too, but I get fed up with the bollocks spouted by everybody after these tournaments.

Finished off by the presenter on Radio Five today who claimed that we had invented "modern culture" and civilisation.

And none of that was aimed at you guys. Just a rant.

J.J said...

And it was an excellent rant Alistair!

Did the Radio 5 presenter really say that? Oh dear!

Alistair said...

Yes he did.

Having agreed with the caller who said that, realistically, the only way we will win is if we play dirty, like all those foreigners.

Dear God.

I couldn't get to the off-button fast enough.