Wednesday, July 12, 2006


On Saturday me and him from Sarth Landan are going to Nottingham where we are going to meet Lisa and Cloud.

In a couple of weeks we venture up to Scotland and I get to meet Reidski's very best friend Jim.

And then in August we are going to meet John and - I hope- Martin when they are in London.

The down side is that they will all find out what a complete idiot I am. I will try very hard when with them not to spill drink all over them/fart/squeeze own or others spots/go on about the Cobblers ALL the time/pretend to know enough about philosophy to discuss it for six hours/lose dress on escalator.

It's going to be challenging for me.


John said...

there will definitely be no discussing of philosophy at the Mekons. Lots of drinking, probably lots of farting and swearing, and definitely lots of talk about footie. Mart will be there too. He'll be doing the talking about footie. I'll probably be doing the drinking and farting and swearing.

cookie monster said...

no trip to Priestfield then?

Reidski said...

Oh shit, just thought, what if my dress catches on the escalator?

I'm really looking forward to all those things!

But you lot - lisa, cloud, jim, john, martin et al - JJ will definitely spill drink on you, she will squeeze my spots (she doesn't have any) and she will pretend to know about philosophy and politics - she was fucking interrogating me about East Germany, China and the Soviet Union last week, now that I think of it! And I thought that was my job!

Steve said...

Martin? John? What! No Abraham?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

JJ! A spot-squeezer! Woman after my own heart!

Given my ability to throw alcohol around, fret not. We will try to minimise escalator encounters...

Cannot begin to say how excited we are about seeing ya both.

BTW slight technical problems re your picture link though (a) its not winter so them there lights are NOT going to be seen in the city centre unless you're hanging out really late! (b) the market square is being redeveloped and is a building site at the mo!

Moo said...

You and Reidski need to come to Plymouth too!!

The ver verification is so funny...knobdmnm!!

BondBloke said...

If you're anywehere near Edinburgh feel free to drop in for a wee dram...

J.J said...

John, I can't wait!

Cookie...bad clash with the off-spring's birthday but with any luck, Priestfield too.

Reidski knows from bitter and frequent experience of my tendency to spill drinks.

Steve, good point, we also need an Abraham to be our good friend.

Lisa, not to worry. I love building sites :-)

Moo, yes we do and we shall.

And thank you Bondbloke. If we get over your way we most definitely shall.

cookie monster said...

take the kid to priestfield, what child resist a trip to the home fo football???